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Pro-GTX MEN’S Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket

In developing the Pro-GTX MEN’S Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket MOTROX has taken the Engineered Skin design philosophy to the next level. Based on feedback from off-road veterans and travelers they have created the most functional jacket in the history of MOTROX. This jacket knows no limitations and is positioned just above the Poseidon GTX jacket.

The PRO-GTX Jacket is prepared for the Adventure Neck Brace, Waterproof Jacket insert and is equipped with a kidney belt, Air vent aqua-defense and the brand new CE protectors. The sheer storage space alone is incredible, and an indication that this jacket is ready for adventure.

Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket
Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket

The sheer storage space alone is incredible, and an indication that this jacket is ready for adventure.

EXTRA PROTECTION Jacket has 3 types’ removable inner linings:

Joint Mesh

Waterproof lining

The third one is Quilt lining

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Water Proof Lining That Can Be Used Seperatly

Protection Features Of Pro GTX Jacket

Outer shell;

3L GORE-TEX Pro nylon 600D fabric

3L GORE-TEX Pro Armacor fabric

3L GORE-TEX Pro Talisman

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Strech Panel of Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket

Neoprene at Collar

Waterproofing: 3L GORE-TEX PRO fabric

Breath-ability: 3L GORE-TEX PRO fabric

Composition of Pro GTX Jacket

Outer shell: 71% poly-amide, 1% polyester, 1% aramide, 21% Gore-Tex membrane (ePTFE), 6% epoxy resin

Lining: 71% polyester, 28% poly-amide, 1% elastic


CE protection at shoulders and elbows

CE Soft Plate back protector insert

GORE-TEX Pro Talisman panels at shoulders and elbows, safety seams

Extra Eva Sheet Padding on front (8 Abs Panels)

2 Large Eva Sheet Panels on Back

Knee Slider

Visibility: Reflection at front, back and Under arms


Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Adjustment Strap On cuffs,Arm & Muscles
Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Adjustable Strap at Waist

Ventilation ;

Air-vent Aqua defense, AIR-VENT zipper at front, back, upper arms and under arms. AIR-VENT Aqua defense

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Air Vent System
Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Extra Hard Knee Protectors
Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Inner Screte Ziper Pocket

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With crossed padded designing on the elbows, shoulders and back, front zip closure and a studded collar which can be worn up or fastened down (For Some Styles).
The Products also has double polyester lining; one which is removable and the other attached (For Some Styles).

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