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Tips for Choosing The Most Suitable Motorcycle Jacket

leather jacket buying guide

When deciding which motorcycle jacket we want we can find countless different models and brands. To choose the most suitable motorcycle jacket, you should pay attention to the materials it is made of, the season of the year in which you are going to use it, the level of protection it offers, or even the riding style you do. So, take note of these practical tips and we are sure that you will make the most appropriate choice.

What Material Do I Choose For The Motorcycle Leather Jacket?

Motorcycle Jacket

Choose the right Leather for the right Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

By the manufacturing material we can differentiate two large groups of motorcycle jackets: those made of leather and those made with textile materials.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets

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Leather jackets are the most traditional and have always been a part of the biker aesthetic. In addition to aesthetics, leather jackets also offer great resistance in the event of a fall (they withstand abrasion very well ), so it is a factor to take into account. Leather, on the other hand, is a material that requires certain care to keep the jacket in good condition, but a good leather jacket can last for many years when well cared for.

However, leather jackets suffer from poor perspiration and lack of waterproofing, so they are not good options in places with very extreme temperatures, both cold and intense heat, or if you usually use the motorcycle in places with frequent rains. In recent years, brands have made modifications to the designs of this type of jacket, adding removable linings to give them greater resistance to cold, and holes to increase ventilation and breathability for use in high temperatures.

Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Most are made of sanity , a material that has become very popular in recent years. It is a nylon compound but with a high resistance. In addition, most brands combine this compound with other waterproof or insulating materials such as Gore-Tex or thermal lining. What makes this type of jacket so interesting is its versatility , since with the combination of materials jackets can be achieved that meet all the requirements that a motorcyclist looks for when he wants to acquire a new jacket: comfort, flexibility of movement, protection against falls and isolation .

Many experts advise changing the cordura jacket after a fall, because its resistance level is lower and it will suffer a lot of wear on both the fabric and the protection.

Design, Finishes, and Size What Motorcycle Jacket to Buy?

leather jacket buying guide
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As important as the material is that the design and finishing details suit your needs or tastes: with many pockets (the more the better), quality protections on the back (many brands forget about the back protector, so keep it very into account), shoulders and elbows, with handles to be used with gloves on, cut to the waist or three-quarters, depending on your tastes, etc.

Depending on your style and type of driving, you should pay attention to all those design details that will later make you be delighted with your choice or, on the contrary, you will regret the purchase.

Regarding the size, it is advisable that if you doubt between two sizes, choose the largest, so that you can move easily. However, it is important that you try on the jacket with its lining and with a sweater underneath, to see if it fits properly and if you feel comfortable and with ease of movement.

Finally, a very important safety element is reflective panels, essential when low visibility conditions or when weather conditions deteriorate. Keep that in mind!

Regulations on The Homologation of Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Before we talked to you about the importance of protection when selecting the most suitable motorcycle jacket. To find out if the jacket has the appropriate safety approval we must find out if it is certified according to the 2016/425 regulation in force since April 21, 2018.

From that date, all jackets that are to be sold in Europe as motorcycle equipment must be part of the EPP ( Personal Protective Equipment ) set. The regulations will allow you to continue selling the garments that have been manufactured before that date until 2023, so you should look at the label.

This has certain implications, such as that all motorcycle clothing must now pass an approval that is not limited only to the protections but includes the seams and resistance to abrasion, offering a series of approval degrees for the user You can better evaluate the quality and guarantees of each of the garments you are buying.

The possible grades for a motorcycle kit to pass the homologation are level A, AA, and AAA, from lowest to highest level of protection.

It should be noted that the grade of the garment always corresponds to the lowest grade obtained by any of the tests. That is if a jacket has AAA grade impact protections but the seams only offer grade A, the garment as such only has A homologation.

In addition, a series of zones are defined in motorcycle garments from higher to lower exposure to impacts and abrasion, which influence the areas where the tests must be carried out and the levels that must be exceeded to obtain homologation.

Winter Jacket vs Summer Jacket

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Most motorcyclists who use their motorcycle frequently have several jackets to be able to use them according to the time of year.

The Motorcycle jackets in winter are heavier and robust. They are characterized by the use of insulating materials and the presence of a thermal lining that allow to maintenance of an adequate temperature regardless of the temperatures.

In contrast, summer motorcycle jackets use lighter and more breathable materials and incorporate ventilation holes for greater breathability.

In any case, it is important that in both cases the jackets have the same levels of safety against falls.

It is also worth having a thin waterproof jacket that you can leave in the space under the seat. This way you can protect yourself if it starts to rain unexpectedly.


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