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Tips For Buying Motorcycle Boots


The debate about whether it is necessary to wear special footwear when riding a motorcycle is an old debate in the motorcycle world. There are motorists who will proudly say that they have been riding for decades in shoes and have never had a problem. Undoubtedly, this group is a minority, since many motorists appreciate the importance of wearing good Motorcycle Boots in terms of safety.

In many cases, motorcyclists experience problems such as a sprained ankle, burns and chafing when sliding the foot on the gravel, or some other incident that could be attributed to a poor choice of footwear. Most of these problems do not result in a serious injury or accident, but could easily have been avoided if drivers had worn proper footwear

We all take good health and mobility for granted, but the 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments that make up the human foot and ankle are quite delicate. So why not wear the right footwear to provide protection and comfort depending on the type of riding you are going to do? 


Before moving on, it’s important to note that there is no magic motorcycle boot that is perfect for all riders. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the human body, personal riding style, different types of riders and personal preferences. But by answering a few simple questions about those factors, riders can determine which motorcycle boot will best suit their needs.

To help you find the perfect motorcycle boots, we’ll give you some basic information and help you find the correct answers to the questions that will determine which style of boot is best for you.

The basics of the boot

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Some might say that motorcycle boots do the same thing as any pair of shoes: they protect your feet. But that’s only half true. Motorcycle boots are designed to provide great protection against the two most common injuries a motorcyclist suffers in an accident: impact and abrasion .

Impact protection

Impact injuries can be as simple as a rock or other debris flying off and striking a motorcyclist’s foot or a tree branch striking an ankle. The most serious impact injuries occur during an accident when a motorist hits the ground or another object (such as a car).

The right motorcycle boots provide multiple layers of material, padding and protection to reduce impact damage to the rider’s foot, ankle and leg.

Abrasion resistance

Less serious abrasive injuries can occur when a rider falls off the motorcycle and scrapes a foot or ankle along with the asphalt. The most serious abrasion occurs when a rider falls off the bike and slides across the asphalt at high speed.

Many studies have been done to understand abrasion injuries and how to prevent them. These studies have determined that motorcyclists lose 1 millimeter of skin for every 1.6 km per hour more than 50 km / h. Some quick math lets you know that a slide at 72 km / h is going to cost you 1.27 cm of skin.

When it comes to abrasion, many riders are quick to say that they always wear long pants and socks for added protection, but none are a match for tarmac. If your pant leg doesn’t slide up, it will quickly disintegrate anyway and won’t provide you any real protection.

Ideal motorcycle boots to resist abrasion should provide approximately 1 to 3 millimeters of leather or synthetic material for protection, as well as other protective materials and padding.

Ergonomics and comfort

In addition to these two main safety features, motorcycle boots provide a stiff sole with good grip for braking and starting. This improved grip can also be a factor when changing gears or braking, as the motorcycle boot helps keep your foot securely on the footrest.

Comfort is also a concern, although it may not seem as important as safety. Being uncomfortable can be a distraction that can exacerbate other problems and lead to an accident . Motorcyclists can also select boots that are designed to provide greater comfort in specific environments such as extreme heat or cold.

Other important weather-related items are waterproof boots for wet riding conditions and breathable boots that make it easy to wick away moisture in hot or humid conditions.

Any motorcyclist must accept that there is a certain level of risk when riding a motorcycle, but a smart rider will take all precautions including wearing the proper gear. Motorcycle boots are specifically designed for riding and offer the best protection and, in most cases, the most comfort available to a rider.

Shopping guide


What to look for when shopping for motorcycle boots

The safety should always be the first consideration of the motorcyclist when evaluating the equipment for motorcycling. An important safety factor in motorcycle boots is getting the right boot for the type of riding you are going to do.

We recommend that all riders, novice or experienced, put safety at the top of the priority scale when looking for new boots. Of course, there are many other important elements to consider as well: fit, comfort, price, design and type of boots are also important factors.

It would be great if money was not an issue when buying safety gear, but that is not true for most pilots. So getting the best motorcycle boot that also fits your budget is always the real goal.


Price should never be the driving factor for buying motorcycle gear, but the fact is that we all have to stick to a budget. When it comes to buying motorcycle boots, you should look for the best quality of boots within your ideal price range.

The material and characteristics of the boots will have some impact on the cost. Investing a few hundred euros in a pair of motorcycle boots will give you solid protection for almost the same cost as a normal pair of boots . Also, keep in mind that more casual looking boots can do double duty since you can use them to drive, but you can wear them at other times as well.

If you are going to buy your first pair of motorcycle boots, it is not a bad idea to move into the range of inexpensive or mid-priced boots.

Having never used motorcycle boots, you will lack information on how you are going to adapt to wearing them. Buy yourself a decent pair of boots and keep in mind that in the next purchase you will have more information about your tastes and what type of boots you need or are best suited to your style. In this experience is a degree.

And a final note on the price, don’t spend your entire budget on the boots. It is also important to have functional gloves with good protection, a jacket for winter and summer and a solid and light helmet .PHOTO Laghani hai


Safety is by far the most important feature of motorcycle boots. It is easy to be dazzled by a beautiful design, but in the end, the important thing is that they are able to protect you in case of fall or abrasion.

Stability and durability are two factors that will be important every day on every trip. You will be putting your foot on the ground to stop and you need that good grip, a secure posture and stability in the ankle to support the bike and your body. The sole also has to be durable and strong enough to withstand a fall without erosion or breakage.

The other safety features to look for are impact protection and abrasion protection. The padding, the double and triple layers of material, and the protections will absorb the impact and keep all the small bones of your feet intact. The leather, the Kevlar, the Cordura, and other textiles will provide protection against abrasion injuries and loss of skin and muscle. Motorcycle boots have standards regulated by the EU to approve a certain level of safety. Check that your boots are homologated according to Regulation 2016/425 and standards EN1621-1: 2012 and EN13634: 2017, relating to the approval of safety equipment for motorcyclists.

A boot does not need to be heavy to be safe. The new fabrics are much lighter than leather and can provide just as good protection. Look for features like double or triple stitching, padded collar, padding around the ankle, rigid inserts, or outer protectors and toe protectors.

Also, make sure the tying or closing system is durable and reliable. And finally you are looking for a sole that is durable and strong, but also provides the ability to change gears and brake easily.

Size and Comfort

Everyone has worn shoes and boots before and all that information about sizing carries over to motorcycle boots. As a general rule, your usual shoe size is your size for motorcycle boots. But you also have to think about the position of the body when riding and not just how comfortable the boot looks when you try it on in a store. Ankle position will play an important role in the comfort of new boots on the bike. The best thing is to try them on and let you advise on the specific sizing of each model by the specialized dealer, or by the comments of other users on the internet.

Another factor to take into account for the comfort of the rider is the material from which the boot is made. Some people love leather boots but don’t think about the added heat coming out of the engine. If you tend to ride in warmer weather, take a look at the ventilation options as this can be a huge benefit and keep you much more comfortable.

Also, remember that natural materials can stretch a little when putting your foot in and wearing the boot for a while. In a normal shoe a little expansion is not a problem, but in a motorcycle boot, it can prevent the change or at least make it uncomfortable.

Types of boots

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Touring and adventure boots

Ideal for:

Adventure and travel boots are a hybrid that offers riders the comfort needed for long trips, but also the protection needed to venture off the more conventional roads. They are slightly higher than some boots and provide impact protection for the entire foot and lower leg area. In general, they are a bit more durable than a simple cruiser-style boot.


The design offers greater protection for the ankles compared to short boots. The best “for everyone” and generally the best “for the foot” as well.

Common features

Excellent protection

Classic style that is close to a “normal” boot.

Sports and race boots

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Ideal for:

A sport boot is more specific to wear and riding style than a short boot. The sport boot often offers a more aggressive foot and ankle position. These boots also tend to offer more protection than the average short boot for both impact and abrasion. And finally, the sport boot has a smaller profile for greater comfort when the rider is in an aggressive racing stance.


Maximum protection and minimum weight.

Common features

A robust and comprehensive protection

Ankle protection and stability support

Lightweight design

Little boots

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Ideal for:

Short boots are not designed for any specific type of riding, but rather for a balance between comfort and safety . These boots offer a sturdy sole and a height that normally reaches above the ankle, but below the calf. Short boots offer stability and protection at the ankle, as well as solid protection for the foot. Riders can decide what level of protection they want, as well as the type of material and the level of security provided, such as additional protection or padding.


Generally more comfortable than taller boot styles, and often cheaper.

Common features

Durable sole and robust foot protection

Designs similar to street boots

Often lighter than other styles

Off-road boots

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Ideal for:

These boots are all about protection and durability. Motocross and off-road driving are some of the most demanding for both the rider and his team. The typical boot can save you from serious injury once, but motocross boots provide that service numerous times in each race. Think of these boots as bulletproof vests but with some added comfort features.


Off-road boots are designed to withstand abuse over and over again. They are not indestructible but offer better protection than less robust options.

Common features

Much protection …

Wild designs and color combinations

Ultra-light construction

Cruiser boots

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Ideal for:

The cruiser style of motorcycle boot focuses on combining a comfortable upright position with safety. The cruiser style consists of being relaxed, sitting upright or even slightly leaning back, and placing your feet directly below the knees. These boots offer motorcyclists a nice 90-degree ankle position, but also provide safety features and good ankle support.


Classic good looks and excellent protection are the hallmarks of a cruiser-style boot.

Common features

A great style that passes for “normal” footwear.

Wide ankle support

Considerable resistance to abrasion