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7 essential off-road motorcycle clothing items

The off road is a discipline within the world of motorcycling practiced outside the asphalt. This material is very different from road modalities, so off-road motorcycle clothing is also very different.

More and more motorcycle lovers are turning to off road in all its forms: motocross, enduro, trial, etc., or combining it with on-road driving .

The 7 garments that cannot be missing from your list of off road motorcycle clothing

1. The helmet

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

It is the most important element in the equipment and, therefore, you have to dedicate time to make a good choice.

The head is the most sensitive part of the body and the chances of falling are multiplied , due to the terrain where it is practiced.

The first thing to keep in mind and that you should not overlook is the material in which the off road helmet is made.

It is important to consider the lightness and comfort of the helmet. Both come hand in hand.

The effort during the practice of this type of sport is extreme. Wearing a helmet that weighs little will be a plus during the tour.

2. The boots

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

The off road boots differ greatly boots classic road or racing. They are more robust and tall .

What is the reason for this difference? This part of the body undoubtedly receives a great deal of blows. They must be very resistant and with high levels of protection .

Its function is to protect the legs and feet from possible injuries, which is why it has protections on toes, ankles and shins .

Do not forget that they must also be flexible and light , in this way you will have greater freedom of movement and handle the motorcycle comfortably.

3. The shirt

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

The off-road jersey is characterized by being light, resistant, and breathable. Do not be scared when you go to touch it and it is a basic shirt, without protection. These are set aside.

T-shirts, for comfort, should not fit the body completely. They must have room to move comfortably.

There are many styles of off road jerseys and the main advantage is being able to play with their designs and colors .

The off-road motorcycle clothing brands are increasingly launching garments with bolder graphics and more fluorine colors. You can combine the shirt with its pants or change the model, in this way there are a thousand combinations.

4. The pants

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Like the shirt, the off-road pants are an essential garment in our equipment.

Pay close attention to the knee protections that you are going to use, based on them, you should choose one pant or another. It is necessary that the pants have enough space to incorporate them comfortably.

In this mode, remember to select a loose model , in this way, you can perform the movements of the legs with greater freedom.

It is a more rigid and resistant garment than the shirt , since it must withstand a greater amount of friction, with the motorcycle and with the environment.

5. The protections

We come to another of the most important issues in off-road motorcycle equipment : protections. These are made up of different elements, from collars to knee pads.

  • Collar: its main function is to prevent and reduce the impact on the cervical area in the event of a fall or impact. In some models, its structure also includes the back and chest. The greatest protection of the off road neck brace is centered on the neck.
  • Elbow pads: They are known as secondary protections, since they do not protect any vital organ. Elbow pads, as the name suggests, protect riders’ elbows. In the event of a possible impact, they minimize injuries to the arms , which can affect the shoulders.
  • Bibs : The most complete protection. It is a suit that is placed on the upper part of the body, below the shirt. In some models, back, chest, shoulders and elbows are protected (integral bibs), in others, they lack elbow protections, having to incorporate elbow pads. The off road bib creates the effect of armor , with rigid areas that protect vital body parts.
  • Knee pads : This element is in charge of protecting the knees. Due to the articular movement of these, the off road knee pads must adapt to it. When selecting them, take into account the degree of flex and the material from which they are made . Our top is the Alpinestars Bionic-10 Carbon, for its perfect adaptability to movement.

6. The gloves

The hands are in charge of handling the controls of the motorcycle and, taking into account the difficulty of the off road , it is important to have full control. Therefore, it is essential to choose comfortable and flexible gloves .

As a general rule, gloves of this type lack rigid protections in their structure, although some models already incorporate flexible protections on the knuckles .

This type of glove is characterized by its lightness . They are made of resistant elastic fabrics that fit perfectly to the hand and especially to the fingers.

7. Goggles or masks

Off road helmets do not have a screen, so it is necessary to incorporate an element that protects the eyes. Goggles, or commonly known as masks , are placed between the visor and the chin guard .

They adjust to the head through an elastic band. The lens of the off road glasses is interchangeable and you can select the color or smoke you want.

There are countless brands, models and types of glasses. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Look for protection and, above all, comfort.

There is, inside the glasses, the tear-off system . This is placed on the lenses and is made up of sheets that are replaced as they get dirty.

In the off road section you can find many more items to complete your equipment such as backpacks, jackets, wristbands and a long etc.

Remember to always be well equipped with equipment and for off road motorcycles . Safety in this mode is very important.

Tip: always look for safety, but keep comfort in mind. Freedom of movement will be the plus point that will make the difference.

Do you need help with your equipment? Leave us a comment and we will be happy to help you

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