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Tips to drive the motorcycle safely in the rain.

Winter is very close, gray days and sometimes it is necessary to drive the motorcycle in the rain  .

If with the car it is already dangerous, with a motorcycle you have to pay much more attention to the road. In this new post we share with you tips on how to drive the motorcycle in the rain and how to avoid the main mistakes.

If the rain catches you, you will know how to act.

Tips for driving the motorcycle in the rain

Driving with the first drops

Hands down the worst time on the road. Try to avoid going out with the motorcycle just when it starts to rain . The asphalt is dry, but when mixed with raindrops, dirt becomes an enemy. A slippery film is formed that endangers the stability of the motorcycle, and may suffer falls.

Much caution this time. If you can, for a moment, until the water has soaked the entire road and the film is gone. You will drive safer.

Bad tires

Very attentive to the state in which your tires are when driving the motorcycle in the rain . During the summer or the dry seasons, we use the motorcycle a lot, without paying attention to the condition of the wheels.

When the rainiest season approaches, it is when the tire has already suffered a lot of ‘trot’ and it is advisable to think about changing them.

Tire wear causes adherence to the road to lose and can be dangerous.

The pattern that makes up the wheel is the one that allows the water to be channeled, favoring the contact between tire and asphalt. If it lacks this pattern, the water will create a slippery film .

In the rain, adherence to the ground is reduced by up to half. Bad tires can give you a good scare.

The dreaded aquaplaning

In heavy rain situations, we can find puddles of water on the road. Aquaplaning is a very frequent and dangerous situation . We go over the top, we lose our grip and, therefore, we lose control.

When driving the motorcycle in the rain we must avoid water bags. If there is no other alternative, try to position the motorcycle completely vertical, to stabilize it as much as possible, hold on to the handlebars, do not lose control and maintain a constant speed

Don’t stop. Keep your speed low but steady. In this way, you will take control of the motorcycle

Beware of stopping distance

Under normal weather conditions, the stopping distance of a motorcycle is greater than that of a car. On rainy days this distance increases even more. Pay attention to the safe distance from the vehicle near you . Become aware of the vehicles around you.

Keep a few meters to have a longer reaction time in case of danger. Avoid sudden braking, they can destabilize you to the ground and end up colliding.

Improper use of brakes in the rain

If you don’t know how to brake the bike in the rain, follow our advice: find your balance. On rainy days a rear and front braking can save you the odd scare.

First lightly touch the rear brake, slow down slowly (no jerkiness). Then move on to squeeze the front brake, to stop.

If you hit a curve, always brake before entering r, never halfway. Even better than braking in this situation is to anticipate and slow down.

ABS for rainy days? And for those without rain, too. The ‘anti-lock’ system on the wheels is perfect for hard braking .

A locked wheel causes a skid on the asphalt, increasing the risk of a possible fall. The ABS identifies this situation and reduces the pressure during braking, avoiding the obstruction of the wheels.

Placing the wheels on the white paint on the asphalt

White paint on the road is everywhere. Boundary lines and zebra crossings are an enemy to beat. Above all, avoid them. Paint and water create a layer , which can cause the motorcycle to slide uncontrollably.

Through city, circulate with great caution. Reduce speed in pedestrian areas and avoid sudden braking on zebra crossings.

Noticeable reduction in visibility

Rainy days are characterized by gray skies and a lack of light. Keep in mind that these days visibility decreases , making it difficult to see and be seen. Always drive with the low beam on.

If you are thinking of buying a new waterproof motorcycle jacket or a wetsuit, always choose products with reflective details . It will increase your visibility and help other vehicles take you into account.

Avoid sudden movements

Last but not least (perhaps the most important), avoid making violent movements while driving .

Avoid, as we have already mentioned, unexpected braking, acceleration, cornering at high speed. Not only for the reason of losing your control of the motorcycle, but for the rest of the vehicles.

During rainy days traffic jams multiply, drivers drive more aggressively due to delays and motorcycles are the most damaged.

Conclusion_ Take maximum care when you decide to ride the bike in the rain .

The risk factors increase considerably and you must have a thousand eyes on the road at that time have a thousand eyes.

In case you have missed any point, these are the main causes of accidents on rainy days.

  • The first drops on the road
  • The poor condition of the tires
  • Aquaplaning in water bags
  • Stopping distance and how to brake the motorcycle in the rain
  • White paint on asphalt
  • The visibility
  • The lack of some components in the motorcycle and in the equipment
  • Sudden movements

We hope this guide will help you on your next motorcycle trip in the rain. Do you have any more advice? We would like you to share it with us in the comments.

See you in the next post !