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4 types of motorcycle boots to ride safely

The motorcycle boots are a linchpin in equipping all motorist. Its use, unlike the helmet, is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

The security is the first claim for the use of motorcycle boots. They protect the feet against any impact or accident and reduce serious injuries.

In addition, its structure is designed to resist the wear and tear of motorcycle use , such as the gear lever.

There are different types of motorcycle boots on the market , depending on the practice that is carried out: road, circuit, motocross, etc.

So that you know them all in detail and choose the one that best suits your needs, we have created a list with 4 types of motorcycle boots to ride safely and comfortably.

Types of most used motorcycle boots

Motorcycle touring boots

At this time of year, many bikers decide to get on their motorcycle and ride through incredible landscapes, regardless of the temperature or the weather outside.

The motorcycle boots touring or road are a perfect choice for long routes . Its structure is designed to offer a high level of comfort for a long period of time.

They are characterized by being made of high quality leather for greater resistance to abrasion. Its structure is of high cane, to protect the leg.

This type of motorcycle boots have a waterproof membrane , such as Gore Tex , which keeps the rider’s feet dry during the trip. In this way an optimal body temperature is maintained.

They incorporate protections in strategic areas , such as the ankle. It greatly reduces the risk of serious injury in the event of a fall or impact.

The sole is made of non-slip materials to avoid possible slipping when resting your feet on the ground.

Motorcycle racing boots

The racing boots are also known under the name << >> boots sport or sports.

Its most common use is for circuit , due to its high performance and protection features. Competition pilots demand boots that use more advanced technologies .

Like touring boots, the shape of these motorcycle boots is characterized by a structure that is formed by a high shaft, helping to protect the shin area.

They use protections on the ankles, relying on rigid elements that avoid the torsion of the foot as much as possible.

In this way, this type of motorcycle boots are not recommended for walking with them. They are designed to offer the highest performance while driving.

Finally, we must highlight the use of sliders in areas such as the toecap, which can be easily replaced when they wear out due to friction with the asphalt.

Motorcycle boots

The boots are the most common choice for those bikers who use their bike as a means of daily driving.

They are more comfortable than touring boots, due to their ease of donning and their more casual style . So they are also perfect for walking around the city with them.

They are characterized by their lightness , but above all by their comfort , offering the pilot greater ease of driving .

Unlike other boots, their level of protection is lower , which is why they are lighter. But to a large extent they have protections on the ankle .

In addition, as we discussed earlier, they have reinforcements in the area of ​​the gear lever , to avoid possible wear.

And if it rains, can we wear the boots? There is a type of waterproof motorcycle boots on the market .

These biker shoes are perfect for cold and rainy days as it protects feet from moisture.

They incorporate between their layers a waterproof and breathable membrane that keeps feet dry, both during driving and throughout the day.

The sole is made of more flexible and lighter materials such as rubber, to walk more comfortably. In addition, they incorporate anti-slip systems to avoid the possibility of slipping.

OffRoad Boots

As we already defined in the post of the 7 pieces of clothing for off road motorcycles , it is a discipline that encompasses all types of driving that takes place off the asphalt .

Being such a complex practice, the use of special boots is very necessary, since the conditions and the way of driving change , and a lot, with respect to the road.

The requirement for a level of protection is higher than road boots. For this reason, its structure is more robust and incorporates greater protection systems .

Of all the types of footwear, the Off Road boots are undoubtedly the heaviest and most complex.

Its shaft is even higher than that of a sports boot (it reaches almost below the knee), so that the area of ​​the leg to be protected is greater, but that it does not collide with the knee protections.

They are made with the highest resistance materials , to withstand the hard impacts suffered during an enduro training or a motocross race, for example.

This type of boot is characterized by its rigidity , which helps the rider to endure for hours on the motorcycle, but that walking becomes an impossible mission.

They are integrated with protections on the ankles, toes and shins , which are the areas that receive the most amount of impacts while driving. This minimizes the risk of serious injury from a fall.

Choose the motorcycle boots that best suit your needs

Although there are more types of motorcycle boots on the market , these modalities that we teach you in today’s post are the most common .

Finding the boots that suit your needs is vital for proper riding . A bad choice can cause tiredness, discomfort and can even lead to an accident.

Remember that our specialized team is always at your disposal to help you find the perfect product for you. Contact us without obligation!

See you in the next post ! 🙂