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Safe driving on a motorcycle: techniques to avoid accidents

Perform a safe driving motorcycle is the best way to prevent accidents on the road can cause many problems.

On multiple occasions, distractions at the controls of the motorcycle or bad habits can cause setbacks that are easily avoidable, you just have to be aware.

There are many factors that can influence an impact or fall on a motorcycle. Therefore, we must take into account all the causes that are in our power to reduce the number of mishaps .

In today’s post we give you some tips and techniques that you can carry out in your day to day to improve your driving and make it safer .

5 safe motorcycle riding techniques

Attention and anticipation

Perhaps these are the two ‘golden rules’ in safe driving that you must take into account when you get on a motorcycle, especially if you find yourself circulating in the city.

Pay attention on the road . It is essential if you want to avoid accidents as much as possible. You must have all your senses alert, especially sight and hearing.

Look around. Traffic is often continuous and you are surrounded by other vehicles, because of them you should not lose sight of any, since it is important that you have everyone under control to be able to anticipate.

Analyze their movements. Especially those that are close and can harm you.

Use the mirrors . In this way you will also control everything that is happening around you, especially when overtaking other vehicles. Keep them clean and in the correct position that allows you to see well.

Watch out for the blind spot. Before making any move, make sure that no vehicle is within your reach. Take a good look at the mirror and move your head to reach all the points.

It’s not just moving vehicles that are a hazard. Pedestrians or stopped vehicles can also be a serious problem that hinders your driving on a motorcycle.

Be prepared to make any move. Remember to always do it in the gentlest way. A sudden movement can make you lose control and cause an accident.

Position on the road

Just as you must control your blind spots by using your mirrors correctly, you must avoid getting into those of other vehicles.

Always stay in a point where other vehicles can control you and do not get in your way. If they don’t see you, they won’t be able to take you into account.

Not being seen, for example in an overtaking, can have fatal consequences. The room for maneuver is minimal and can become a danger for you.

Always keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Especially if you are in the city where traffic lights can change from green to red in the blink of an eye.

And not only the front and rear, but also the lateral distance when making any type of overtaking. Be aware of having enough space to perform the maneuver correctly.


It is closely linked to the previous point, but it is vitally important to treat it more in depth. Many drivers do not consider visibility as a driving technique.

First of all, keep your headlights well maintained, since after all, they are the ones that light your way and the ones that make you see in the eyes of other drivers.

Always keep them clean , especially after a long route and many kilometers of driving. Make sure they light up correctly , that the bulb is in perfect condition and that the intensity is adequate.

Mark all your movements. Use your turn signals properly so that other vehicles can take your movements into account before making them.

Many times we believe that it is not necessary not to signal a movement, but it can make a difference. Only you know the action they are thinking of taking.

Do you constantly check your vision? It may seem silly and we are not paying attention to it, but it is a very important point .

Having a clear vision is vital to safe driving, regardless of the vehicle you use. Failure to see a pedestrian crossing in the distance or a signal clearly can have fatal consequences.

Review your vision periodically and heed the recommendations of professionals. If he suggests the use of glasses, do not miss it.

The way of driving

Many drivers acquire a series of habits on the road that can be detrimental to other vehicles.

The driving guidelines taught to us in driving schools are lost over time, to the point that we forget to drive safely.

As we mentioned a few lines above, anticipation is one of the most important points, so if a curve is coming, be prepared.

The braking on a motorcycle is one of the important aspects that must be controlled.

As we already advised you in the Tips post to drive the motorcycle safely in the rain , you must find the balance between the rear and front brakes.

You must know the motorcycle you are riding well to make the most appropriate decision and know which is the appropriate brake to use in each situation.

Avoid sudden braking , you can become unbalanced and cause a fall that could have been avoided. Hence the importance of attention and anticipation.

Respect the traffic signs. In this case we want to emphasize the need to comply with all kinds of signs that we find on our route.

Equip yourself the right way

We have already talked about the mandatory use of an approved motorcycle helmet for safe driving.

But also the use of a jacket and pants with the appropriate protections or gloves that protect your hands, can save your life or avoid serious injuries.

The first thing you should think about, before buying the equipment, is the use that you are going to give the motorcycle . Driving in the city is not the same as taking long routes or practicing enduro.

Let yourself be advised by the professionals who are in the stores. They will know how to find the product that best suits your needs and will save you a lot of time and money.

If you already have the equipment, don’t be lazy, use it! Even if it’s for short trips, put on your jacket and gloves. In the event of a fall, you will appreciate it.

good maintenance of the motorcycle can also be considered as a safe driving technique. You make sure your bike is 100% ready to hit the road.

There are also courses on safe motorcycle driving that will help you to acquire new habits on the road and avoid dangers.

Remember, drive carefully, carefully, and in advance. Do not make sudden movements and be aware of the other vehicles.

See you in the next post !