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It is time to keep an eye on the warm clothes that we will wear this fall and winter. In Black Friday 2021 sales, Although we still do not know how the day will progress and if it is the heat or the cold that will reign, the truth is that we already dare to leave the house without a minimum layer of warmth.

To help you choose the jacket that best suits your style, we take a tour of the different types of men’s jackets. This way you will give your look a touch of personality.

Hunter cowgirl

It is one of the mythical sports garments in the men’s wardrobe. A classic that is reinvented every year. It is once again an essential in the men’s wardrobe with the return of the denim fever of recent seasons.

It is perfect to add a scruffy touch to our look . The great advantage of denim jackets is their versatility. It allows you to combine it with a shirt or t-shirt of any color. This year, with a plaid shirt you will go to the last.


Icon of a rebellious and transgressive spirit , biker jackets are a ‘ must ‘ for the most urban, casual, rocker and casual looks .

Leather biker jackets have an asymmetrical structure, numerous zippers and, in some cases, buckles on both sides of the waist.In Black Friday 2021 sales A style that is not only related to bikers but also to rock and heavy aesthetics . Although they can be found in various materials and colors, the most authentic is still the black leather jacket, short and fitted at the waist.

It pairs very well with distressed jeans and a simple T-shirt. Some firms have presented her with a shirt and even a plaid scarf trying to break that marked rocker look .

As for footwear, it combines very well with ‘All Star’ type sports or with black boots.

Windbreaker bomber or flyer

The Flexius Motorcycle Leather Jacket  is the typical leather or nylon garment used by aviators in the early 20th century. They are characterized by their zip closure and their cuffs and waist adjusted by means of elastics.

They look like bikers but with shorter collars and a tighter figure.

A black or dark green aviator jacket works great with beige pants or jeans. Try wearing it over a denim shirt and a camel-toned sweater. It will give you that point of contrast.

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