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Motorcycle clothing Motrox


A tug of the ribbon, the crackle of the gift wrapper.


The holiday season is upon us, and we could not be more excited, especially after the year we all have had. (Excuse my imaginary gift opening dream.)

Besides the scrumptious and lavish amounts of food and those consequent extra kilos, holidays bring lots and lots of gifts.

But nothing compares to the joy and happiness of our loved ones’ faces when they unwrap the presents and find their surprises.

The ecstatic and eutrophic feeling of bringing smiles on our loved ones’ faces and helping them tick off an item from their bucket-list is priceless. Those smiles and joy are worth all the effort and money spent.

But, with so many people to give gifts to, you might run out of ideas of special gifts for the select group of people in your life.

Do not stress.

We are here with some excellent leather gift ideas to present to your loved ones. Why leather, you ask? Well, leather is timeless. It is adaptable and can be made into unique leather items. No matter the gender, the age, or the relation, you can find anything made of leather suitable for everybody.

Go on and read further to see for yourself how much variety can be brought about with this single material.


Have that someone special in your life? Or want to surprise your father or brother. Here are a few leather gift ideas for you.

1.Stylish leather shoes to help him go places

Men Leather Boots
Men Leather Boots

Shoes are never enough. Especially if they are made from leather.

You open your shoe cabinet, and that smell of leather takes you elsewhere.

We all love that.

Shoes are usually the first thing somebody notices about you. Make your loved ones notable by presenting them with a fantastic gift and help them go places with these beautiful, comfortable, and high-quality shoes.

A gift for an outdoorsy friend, you say?

Get Rounded edge Bikers shoes or long boots.

On a lookout for a gift for a professional friend?

Get your hands on some sleek dress shoes and loafers’.

2.Trendy and Long-Lasting Leather Trouser

Biker Leather Trouser
Biker Leather Trouser to Protect the ride of your loved ones.

Who does not love Leather trousers that perfects your entire ensemble?

No dress is complete without accessorizing it correctly. Think out of the box, beyond the mainstream circle, and present your loved ones with something that exudes tasteful gloss and redefines their style statement.

Have someone with a bold and undarning personality?

Present them with the classy and edgy Leather Biker’s Trouser.

3. A head-turner biker jacket

Dashing Marlon Brando Jacket in Vintge Black Colour.

Brando Leather Jacket
Dashing Brando Leather Jacket In Vintage Black Look

The Leather Jackets are the real deal when it comes to leather jackets. A gift to your loved ones should be the best, and biker jackets are just that.

Want a gift for rugged outdoorsy men in your life? Biker jackets are what you need. You can also opt for custom leather gifts for that extra brownie points.

Apart from the protection and warmth, a biker jacket is classy, simple, and chic all at once. This lightweight, comfortable, unrestrictive jacket lets you move around freely. You can even dance and hop around wearing these convenient jackets.

Get ready to bring genuine joy to your loved ones with genuine leather biker jackets. We love that slight smile as we helped you find the perfect biker jacket amongst the quality leather gifts possible.


4.Timeless and ever-fashionable Leather Jackets

Biker Style Jacket
Fashionable Biker Style Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are loved by women as they bring maximum style with minimum effort.

They can look like they walked right out of a fashion magazine, just by putting on a trendy leather jacket over their everyday attires.

Presenting her with a leather jacket will make her feel valued, loved, and happy. Do not waste a second anymore and buy her one of the most luxuriously unique leather gifts this holiday (prolly win her heart).

There is a vast assortment of jackets available for every woman. From padded to quilted, from biker to bomber, from hooded to collared – you can have it all, eh trick is to know where to shop from (wink, wink).

5.Make a Loud Fashion Statement with Diamond Padded Jackets

Halloween Costumes
Halloween Costumes

Have an adventurous and bold friend, and don’t know what to gift her?

Well, we have the perfect item for you – a suede jacket. It is a perfect gift for your friends who is out there, facing life head-on.

A Black jacket will help her portray her real personality with style and a bold fashion statement.

From vibrant colors to all-black, and from Diamond Stitching to shoulder pads.

So, get a perfect-fit suede jacket for your distinct friend and wow them with this super-trendy piece of clothing.

6. Skinny Trousers are the Most Beloved & Trending Gift.

Leather Ladies Trouser
Leather Ladies Trouser

The black skinny trouser wear under the leather jacket is fantastic fashion combo. Ladies trouser  made from soft and lightweight Sheep Skin. Great care and attention has been placed into making this excellent fitting trouser with no compromise on quality of material or workmanship.

This toruser has zip fastening on the front and ankle for a more secure fit.  A truly impressive trouser for an unbelievable price by Motrox.


Leather is long-lasting, just like your love for your friends and family. So, this holiday season portrays your love for them with our classic, comfortable, and stunning leather clothing and accessories.

Don’t wait for Santa. Visit the Motrox Ltd shop right now and get some fantastic and unique leather gifts for your loved ones. You can also custom leather gifts according to your requirements to present your loved ones with beautiful and personalized leather gifts.

Trust us. They will be more than ecstatic.

Happy Holidays.

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5 best motorcycle jackets

That’s the checklist for your perfect biker jacket. Really though, what’s style if it results in harming your skin? So, you want tips for your dream jacket that saves you from harsh sun rays and biting chilly breeze.

Here’s a short guide, just for you, my classy men:

Let us offer you 5 of the best motorcycle jackets for men and how you can slay them like a pro. Look like a total hunk as your adorn your ideal biker jacket with class and comfort. Set out to make the crowd drool!


Come on, have you ever imagined a jacket list and not have vintage black ones on the top? The mere thought is blasphemous.

Hence, we offer you:

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Black Brando Belted Motorcycle Jacket

Display your debonair self with precision, walk with professional ease. You know what’s oh-so-charming about this particular jacket? The belts and zipper- the show stealers, we say!

A timeless trendy piece of leather, with multiple pockets and zippers, this jacket is sure to keep your skin safe from dusty air and breezy nights. Ride your motorcycle with no fears and let the wind caress your face as you drive with immense joy. The belted waist,

Oh, it’s a crucial asset indeed. Trust us when we say, it will not just make you outshine from the crowd, but also keep you warm and comfortable for a long time.

 Here’s Show The Features Of Brando Jacket:

Brass buttons are used

Belt at the front for Adjustment

Zipped adjustable cuffs


Stud Fastening Collars

Sport bike style

X Man Fashionable Biker Leather Jacket

Our motto is that your dressing must always be as unique as you. And, why settle for anything less than the best, right?

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Men Brown Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Never be caught slipping and always matching your wardrobe to sophistication, grace, and a big chunk of comfort. For a luxurious yet cozy jacket fit to protect you for a long time.

This versatile jacket is the epitome of perfection. Timeless wear, the brown biker jacket is your ‘it’ item. An aesthetic blend of light and dark shades of brown, the jacket will feel incredible on your skin.

The button strap at the collar will prevent dust particles or the crisp breeze from touching your skin while also giving you a rugged appearance.

Additional Features:

  • Luxury Lining
  • Two Interior Pockets
  • Zipped adjustable cuffs
  • Brass style buttons


Live on the edge, experiment a little. What’s life without a bit spice, eh?

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Incredible Men Stud Style Leather Jacket

We say a Black Cone Spike and Round head Studs Leather Jacket is precisely what your wardrobe needs to add a bit funk in your life.Go from ordinary to extraordinary and be the show stopper of the night.

Ideal for every season, the jacket is also the perfect choice to steal the limelight of casual and laid back gatherings. Be it a party or light dinner; be at ease and feel grand yet entirely at home as you showcase this jacket.

From the trendy zippers on the sleeves to the intricately quilted designing,The jacket will, for sure, become your best right-hand man in capturing the attention of your date.

Men Black Cone Spike and Round head Studs Leather Jacket. Rock this iconic jacket like a real rock star.

Limited Edition Military Style Denim Jacket

Military Style Denim Jacket
This is the Limited Edition Military Style Denim Jacket

The third kind of jacket making to our list of coolest jackets for men is the denim jacket. If you don’t have one, it’s high time you get one in your collection. They are durable and versatile to go with all day, evening, or night events.

However, denim jackets do not mean they have to be blue or in any shade of blue. Here is one stunning piece with black combination. This Motrox Military Style denim jacket is a unique one with Military tags around the shoulders, sleeves & on chest, stitching detail, and buttons & zip fastening.

So, display MILITARY STYLE DENIM JACKET your by combing this superb piece with white or any solid colored tee and denim pants.

Playful Tri Colored Men Leather Jacket

you haven’t tasted unique iconic fashion if you haven’t experimented a little.That’s why we’re here to suggest you heavenly goodness:

 Leather Jacket
Amazing Men Motorcycle Leather Jacket

As the 100% authentic material will offer you a homely warmth and coziness,

The distinct designing will notch up your style-o-meter in a heartbeat!

Look like the epic heartthrob as you go around, making people give you those comical heart eyes. The jacket is simply a twist in your usual style. While going with a variety of attires, it will still make your ensembles have their own distinct looks.

From the velvety feels and zipped sleeves to the well-blended color scheme and luxurious material, the jacket will make you go from zero to hero real quick.

we care very much about your experience and satisfaction. While we make every effort to provide you with the right product, we understand that certain circumstances may require returns, or exchanges. based on the guidelines.

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Tips For Buying Motorcycle Boots


The debate about whether it is necessary to wear special footwear when riding a motorcycle is an old debate in the motorcycle world. There are motorists who will proudly say that they have been riding for decades in shoes and have never had a problem. Undoubtedly, this group is a minority, since many motorists appreciate the importance of wearing good Motorcycle Boots in terms of safety.

In many cases, motorcyclists experience problems such as a sprained ankle, burns and chafing when sliding the foot on the gravel, or some other incident that could be attributed to a poor choice of footwear. Most of these problems do not result in a serious injury or accident, but could easily have been avoided if drivers had worn proper footwear

We all take good health and mobility for granted, but the 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments that make up the human foot and ankle are quite delicate. So why not wear the right footwear to provide protection and comfort depending on the type of riding you are going to do? 


Before moving on, it’s important to note that there is no magic motorcycle boot that is perfect for all riders. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the human body, personal riding style, different types of riders and personal preferences. But by answering a few simple questions about those factors, riders can determine which motorcycle boot will best suit their needs.

To help you find the perfect motorcycle boots, we’ll give you some basic information and help you find the correct answers to the questions that will determine which style of boot is best for you.

The basics of the boot

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Some might say that motorcycle boots do the same thing as any pair of shoes: they protect your feet. But that’s only half true. Motorcycle boots are designed to provide great protection against the two most common injuries a motorcyclist suffers in an accident: impact and abrasion .

Impact protection

Impact injuries can be as simple as a rock or other debris flying off and striking a motorcyclist’s foot or a tree branch striking an ankle. The most serious impact injuries occur during an accident when a motorist hits the ground or another object (such as a car).

The right motorcycle boots provide multiple layers of material, padding and protection to reduce impact damage to the rider’s foot, ankle and leg.

Abrasion resistance

Less serious abrasive injuries can occur when a rider falls off the motorcycle and scrapes a foot or ankle along with the asphalt. The most serious abrasion occurs when a rider falls off the bike and slides across the asphalt at high speed.

Many studies have been done to understand abrasion injuries and how to prevent them. These studies have determined that motorcyclists lose 1 millimeter of skin for every 1.6 km per hour more than 50 km / h. Some quick math lets you know that a slide at 72 km / h is going to cost you 1.27 cm of skin.

When it comes to abrasion, many riders are quick to say that they always wear long pants and socks for added protection, but none are a match for tarmac. If your pant leg doesn’t slide up, it will quickly disintegrate anyway and won’t provide you any real protection.

Ideal motorcycle boots to resist abrasion should provide approximately 1 to 3 millimeters of leather or synthetic material for protection, as well as other protective materials and padding.

Ergonomics and comfort

In addition to these two main safety features, motorcycle boots provide a stiff sole with good grip for braking and starting. This improved grip can also be a factor when changing gears or braking, as the motorcycle boot helps keep your foot securely on the footrest.

Comfort is also a concern, although it may not seem as important as safety. Being uncomfortable can be a distraction that can exacerbate other problems and lead to an accident . Motorcyclists can also select boots that are designed to provide greater comfort in specific environments such as extreme heat or cold.

Other important weather-related items are waterproof boots for wet riding conditions and breathable boots that make it easy to wick away moisture in hot or humid conditions.

Any motorcyclist must accept that there is a certain level of risk when riding a motorcycle, but a smart rider will take all precautions including wearing the proper gear. Motorcycle boots are specifically designed for riding and offer the best protection and, in most cases, the most comfort available to a rider.

Shopping guide


What to look for when shopping for motorcycle boots

The safety should always be the first consideration of the motorcyclist when evaluating the equipment for motorcycling. An important safety factor in motorcycle boots is getting the right boot for the type of riding you are going to do.

We recommend that all riders, novice or experienced, put safety at the top of the priority scale when looking for new boots. Of course, there are many other important elements to consider as well: fit, comfort, price, design and type of boots are also important factors.

It would be great if money was not an issue when buying safety gear, but that is not true for most pilots. So getting the best motorcycle boot that also fits your budget is always the real goal.


Price should never be the driving factor for buying motorcycle gear, but the fact is that we all have to stick to a budget. When it comes to buying motorcycle boots, you should look for the best quality of boots within your ideal price range.

The material and characteristics of the boots will have some impact on the cost. Investing a few hundred euros in a pair of motorcycle boots will give you solid protection for almost the same cost as a normal pair of boots . Also, keep in mind that more casual looking boots can do double duty since you can use them to drive, but you can wear them at other times as well.

If you are going to buy your first pair of motorcycle boots, it is not a bad idea to move into the range of inexpensive or mid-priced boots.

Having never used motorcycle boots, you will lack information on how you are going to adapt to wearing them. Buy yourself a decent pair of boots and keep in mind that in the next purchase you will have more information about your tastes and what type of boots you need or are best suited to your style. In this experience is a degree.

And a final note on the price, don’t spend your entire budget on the boots. It is also important to have functional gloves with good protection, a jacket for winter and summer and a solid and light helmet .PHOTO Laghani hai


Safety is by far the most important feature of motorcycle boots. It is easy to be dazzled by a beautiful design, but in the end, the important thing is that they are able to protect you in case of fall or abrasion.

Stability and durability are two factors that will be important every day on every trip. You will be putting your foot on the ground to stop and you need that good grip, a secure posture and stability in the ankle to support the bike and your body. The sole also has to be durable and strong enough to withstand a fall without erosion or breakage.

The other safety features to look for are impact protection and abrasion protection. The padding, the double and triple layers of material, and the protections will absorb the impact and keep all the small bones of your feet intact. The leather, the Kevlar, the Cordura, and other textiles will provide protection against abrasion injuries and loss of skin and muscle. Motorcycle boots have standards regulated by the EU to approve a certain level of safety. Check that your boots are homologated according to Regulation 2016/425 and standards EN1621-1: 2012 and EN13634: 2017, relating to the approval of safety equipment for motorcyclists.

A boot does not need to be heavy to be safe. The new fabrics are much lighter than leather and can provide just as good protection. Look for features like double or triple stitching, padded collar, padding around the ankle, rigid inserts, or outer protectors and toe protectors.

Also, make sure the tying or closing system is durable and reliable. And finally you are looking for a sole that is durable and strong, but also provides the ability to change gears and brake easily.

Size and Comfort

Everyone has worn shoes and boots before and all that information about sizing carries over to motorcycle boots. As a general rule, your usual shoe size is your size for motorcycle boots. But you also have to think about the position of the body when riding and not just how comfortable the boot looks when you try it on in a store. Ankle position will play an important role in the comfort of new boots on the bike. The best thing is to try them on and let you advise on the specific sizing of each model by the specialized dealer, or by the comments of other users on the internet.

Another factor to take into account for the comfort of the rider is the material from which the boot is made. Some people love leather boots but don’t think about the added heat coming out of the engine. If you tend to ride in warmer weather, take a look at the ventilation options as this can be a huge benefit and keep you much more comfortable.

Also, remember that natural materials can stretch a little when putting your foot in and wearing the boot for a while. In a normal shoe a little expansion is not a problem, but in a motorcycle boot, it can prevent the change or at least make it uncomfortable.

Types of boots

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Touring and adventure boots

Ideal for:

Adventure and travel boots are a hybrid that offers riders the comfort needed for long trips, but also the protection needed to venture off the more conventional roads. They are slightly higher than some boots and provide impact protection for the entire foot and lower leg area. In general, they are a bit more durable than a simple cruiser-style boot.


The design offers greater protection for the ankles compared to short boots. The best “for everyone” and generally the best “for the foot” as well.

Common features

Excellent protection

Classic style that is close to a “normal” boot.

Sports and race boots

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Ideal for:

A sport boot is more specific to wear and riding style than a short boot. The sport boot often offers a more aggressive foot and ankle position. These boots also tend to offer more protection than the average short boot for both impact and abrasion. And finally, the sport boot has a smaller profile for greater comfort when the rider is in an aggressive racing stance.


Maximum protection and minimum weight.

Common features

A robust and comprehensive protection

Ankle protection and stability support

Lightweight design

Little boots

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Ideal for:

Short boots are not designed for any specific type of riding, but rather for a balance between comfort and safety . These boots offer a sturdy sole and a height that normally reaches above the ankle, but below the calf. Short boots offer stability and protection at the ankle, as well as solid protection for the foot. Riders can decide what level of protection they want, as well as the type of material and the level of security provided, such as additional protection or padding.


Generally more comfortable than taller boot styles, and often cheaper.

Common features

Durable sole and robust foot protection

Designs similar to street boots

Often lighter than other styles

Off-road boots

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Ideal for:

These boots are all about protection and durability. Motocross and off-road driving are some of the most demanding for both the rider and his team. The typical boot can save you from serious injury once, but motocross boots provide that service numerous times in each race. Think of these boots as bulletproof vests but with some added comfort features.


Off-road boots are designed to withstand abuse over and over again. They are not indestructible but offer better protection than less robust options.

Common features

Much protection …

Wild designs and color combinations

Ultra-light construction

Cruiser boots

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Ideal for:

The cruiser style of motorcycle boot focuses on combining a comfortable upright position with safety. The cruiser style consists of being relaxed, sitting upright or even slightly leaning back, and placing your feet directly below the knees. These boots offer motorcyclists a nice 90-degree ankle position, but also provide safety features and good ankle support.


Classic good looks and excellent protection are the hallmarks of a cruiser-style boot.

Common features

A great style that passes for “normal” footwear.

Wide ankle support

Considerable resistance to abrasion


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Tips for Choosing The Most Suitable Motorcycle Jacket

leather jacket buying guide

When deciding which motorcycle jacket we want we can find countless different models and brands. To choose the most suitable motorcycle jacket, you should pay attention to the materials it is made of, the season of the year in which you are going to use it, the level of protection it offers, or even the riding style you do. So, take note of these practical tips and we are sure that you will make the most appropriate choice.

What Material Do I Choose For The Motorcycle Leather Jacket?

Motorcycle Jacket

Choose the right Leather for the right Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

By the manufacturing material we can differentiate two large groups of motorcycle jackets: those made of leather and those made with textile materials.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Summer, 2021 CE Certified Gear for Men, Women & Kids

Leather jackets are the most traditional and have always been a part of the biker aesthetic. In addition to aesthetics, leather jackets also offer great resistance in the event of a fall (they withstand abrasion very well ), so it is a factor to take into account. Leather, on the other hand, is a material that requires certain care to keep the jacket in good condition, but a good leather jacket can last for many years when well cared for.

However, leather jackets suffer from poor perspiration and lack of waterproofing, so they are not good options in places with very extreme temperatures, both cold and intense heat, or if you usually use the motorcycle in places with frequent rains. In recent years, brands have made modifications to the designs of this type of jacket, adding removable linings to give them greater resistance to cold, and holes to increase ventilation and breathability for use in high temperatures.

Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Most are made of sanity , a material that has become very popular in recent years. It is a nylon compound but with a high resistance. In addition, most brands combine this compound with other waterproof or insulating materials such as Gore-Tex or thermal lining. What makes this type of jacket so interesting is its versatility , since with the combination of materials jackets can be achieved that meet all the requirements that a motorcyclist looks for when he wants to acquire a new jacket: comfort, flexibility of movement, protection against falls and isolation .

Many experts advise changing the cordura jacket after a fall, because its resistance level is lower and it will suffer a lot of wear on both the fabric and the protection.

Design, Finishes, and Size What Motorcycle Jacket to Buy?

leather jacket buying guide
click the above heading for complete guide to buy leather jacket.

As important as the material is that the design and finishing details suit your needs or tastes: with many pockets (the more the better), quality protections on the back (many brands forget about the back protector, so keep it very into account), shoulders and elbows, with handles to be used with gloves on, cut to the waist or three-quarters, depending on your tastes, etc.

Depending on your style and type of driving, you should pay attention to all those design details that will later make you be delighted with your choice or, on the contrary, you will regret the purchase.

Regarding the size, it is advisable that if you doubt between two sizes, choose the largest, so that you can move easily. However, it is important that you try on the jacket with its lining and with a sweater underneath, to see if it fits properly and if you feel comfortable and with ease of movement.

Finally, a very important safety element is reflective panels, essential when low visibility conditions or when weather conditions deteriorate. Keep that in mind!

Regulations on The Homologation of Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Before we talked to you about the importance of protection when selecting the most suitable motorcycle jacket. To find out if the jacket has the appropriate safety approval we must find out if it is certified according to the 2016/425 regulation in force since April 21, 2018.

From that date, all jackets that are to be sold in Europe as motorcycle equipment must be part of the EPP ( Personal Protective Equipment ) set. The regulations will allow you to continue selling the garments that have been manufactured before that date until 2023, so you should look at the label.

This has certain implications, such as that all motorcycle clothing must now pass an approval that is not limited only to the protections but includes the seams and resistance to abrasion, offering a series of approval degrees for the user You can better evaluate the quality and guarantees of each of the garments you are buying.

The possible grades for a motorcycle kit to pass the homologation are level A, AA, and AAA, from lowest to highest level of protection.

It should be noted that the grade of the garment always corresponds to the lowest grade obtained by any of the tests. That is if a jacket has AAA grade impact protections but the seams only offer grade A, the garment as such only has A homologation.

In addition, a series of zones are defined in motorcycle garments from higher to lower exposure to impacts and abrasion, which influence the areas where the tests must be carried out and the levels that must be exceeded to obtain homologation.

Winter Jacket vs Summer Jacket

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Most motorcyclists who use their motorcycle frequently have several jackets to be able to use them according to the time of year.

The Motorcycle jackets in winter are heavier and robust. They are characterized by the use of insulating materials and the presence of a thermal lining that allow to maintenance of an adequate temperature regardless of the temperatures.

In contrast, summer motorcycle jackets use lighter and more breathable materials and incorporate ventilation holes for greater breathability.

In any case, it is important that in both cases the jackets have the same levels of safety against falls.

It is also worth having a thin waterproof jacket that you can leave in the space under the seat. This way you can protect yourself if it starts to rain unexpectedly.


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motorcycle Textile jackets are an excellent high-tech alternative to leather. These jackets are lighter than leather, yet are durable and tough. … In addition, textile jackets, especially those with added stretch panels, will typically move better with your body than a leather jacket would.

 With textiles, jacket manufacturers can also offer riders a variety of nice features and options. For example, many of these textile jackets are waterproof, and they are also available in many bright colors, patterns and designs. And while these jackets are lightweight, they are definitely not flimsy. Instead, most of these jackets have been designed to withstand abrasions and to be tear resistant.

Some also come with CE certified shoulder and elbow protectors. In addition, textile jackets, especially those with added stretch panels, will typically move better with your body than a leather jacket would. This means you’ll be able to ride in comfort for longer periods of time. And while we know that it’s tempting to go without a jacket on hot summer days, it’s just not safe.

Men’s Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Halloween sale
Men Incredible Style Textile Jacket

Motrox Motorcycle Textile Jacket for Men in High quality Cordura D600. Great care and attention has been placed into making this excellent fitting jacket with no compromise on quality of material or workmanship. It has a Velcro fastening on the collar and  zipped cuffs with Velcro fastening for a more secure fit.

The Jacket has fully removable CE approved armor protections at back, elbow and shoulder. Internal Velcro pockets for removable Armour padding. It is 100% Water Resistant & Windproof, suitable for all weather conditions. A truly impressive  jacket for an unbelievable price by Motrox.

  • Zipped adjustable cuffs with Velcro fastening
  • 2 front zipped pockets
  • 1 inner right pocket
  • Waist adjustment straps
  • Velcro collar fastening
  • Air Vent system
  • YKK Zips are used

Men’s Dual Color Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Motorcycle Textile Jacket
Men Crushing Style Textile Jacket
  • Made of 600D  Cordura.Fully waterproof.CE approved Protectors in Shoulder and Elbows.Additional back plate included.2 external Front pockets.1 external Back pockets.2 Right Inner Pocket.Four outside pockets.Two large front Velcro pockets
  • All Armours are removable
  • One adjustable velcro straps on neck
  • Soft materialed neck finish
  • Twin/double stitching
  • Zip, velcroed main front fastening
  • Quilted finishing on shoulders and elbow
  • Adjustable tightning belts around waist
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Adjustable velcro straps on wrists
  • Front and back scotchlite reflectors
  • Excellent design and shape with best fitting
  • Large Velcro closure pocket

Men’s Pro GTX Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Textile Motorcycle Jacket
Men extra protective Motorcycle Textile Jacket

The PRO-GTX Jacket is prepared for the Adventure Neck Brace, Waterproof Jacket insert and is equipped with a kidney belt, Air vent aqua-defense and the brand new CE protectors. The sheer storage space alone is incredible, and an indication that this jacket is ready for adventure.

The PRO-GTX Textile Motorcycle Jacket has 3 types’ removable inner linings. Joint Mesh & Waterproof lining. The third one is quilt lining.

  • 3L Pro nylon 600D fabric
  • 3L GORE-TEX PRO fabric Airvent Aqua defence
  • 3L Pro Armacor fabric
  • PWR Kevlar stretch
  • Lorica
  • Neoprene
  • Waterproofing: 3L Pro Nylon 600D Fabric , Mesh lining Fully Waterproofed
  • Breath-ability: 3L GORE-TEX PRO fabric use in AIRVENT


  • Outer shell: 71% poly-amide, 1% polyester, 1% aramide, 13% Gore-Tex membrane (ePTFE), 6% epoxy resin
  • Lining: 71% polyester, 28% poly-amide, 1% elastane


  • CE protection at shoulders and elbows
  • CE Soft Plate back protector insert
  • GORE-TEX Pro Talisman panels at shoulders and elbows, safety seams

Men’s Miltary Style Motorcycle Textile Tags Jacket

Military Style Denim Jacket
Men Motorcycle Tags Textile Jacket

The iconic military inspired Biker jacket meets the current patch trend. The lightly padded and quilted jacket has a full length zip and popper fastening with popper fastening cuffs.

Four practical pockets are on the front of the Motrox Military Jacket while the collar is trimmed with zip detailing. Inside, the jacket has a draw cord at the waist and a useful inner pocket. The military jacket is detailed with military inspired patches on both sleeves along with one on the chest.

  • Made with Canvas Jeans.
  • 100% Waterproof Jacket
  • CE Approved Protective Armors.
  • All Armors are Removable.
  • Soft Plate on Back.
  • Waist Adjustment Belt
  • Military Inspired Patches on Both Sleeves.
  • Original YKK Zipper.
  • Zip & Brass Button Fastening.
  • Brass Button Fastening
  • Pockets  Pockets
    • 4 front pockets
    • 3 inner pockets
  • Brass Button Adjustable Cuffs.
  • Inner Lining
    • Quilt Lining
    • Waterproof Lining

Ladies Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Ladies Textile Jacket
Ladies Textile Jacket inspiring pink Straps
  • Made of 600D  Cordura.Fully waterproof.CE approved Protectors in Shoulder and Elbows.Additional back plate included.Two Front Zipped Pockets.2 Left Inner pockets.1 Right Inner Pocket.

Additonal Features

  • All Armour are removable
  • Waist Adjustment
  • Soft material-ed neck finish
  • Twin/double stitching
  • Zip Fastening on Front
  • Quilted finishing on shoulders and elbow
  • Velcro ed Cuff Adjustment
  • Stylish Shoulder Finish
  • 1 Back AIR VENTS
  • Excellent Ladies Fitting

Ladies Yellow Straps Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Ladies Textile Jacket
Ladies Yellow color Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Motrox Textile Jacket  for Women in High quality Cordura D600. Great care and attention has been placed into making this excellent fitting jacket with no compromise on quality of material or workmanship.

It has a Velcro fastening on the collar and  zipped cuffs with Velcro fastening for a more secure fit. The outer pockets are zipped and  adjustment straps showing a clean streamlined look. The Jacket has fully removable CE approved armor protections at back, elbow and shoulder.

Internal Velcro pockets for removable Armour padding. It is 100% Water Resistant & Windproof, suitable for all weather conditions. A truly impressive  jacket for an unbelievable price by Motrox.

  • Zipped adjustable cuffs with Velcro fastening
  • Two Front zip pockets
  • 1 Right Inner Pocket
  • Front Zip Fastening
  • 100% Water Resistant & Windproof
  • Waist adjustment straps


Add a personal touch to your custom made Textile jacket with purchase of our add-on service which allows for logos, letters, unique artwork, colors and numbers to be added to specific locations on the product. To add this service to your order, please Click Here

Custom made Products:

No exchange or refunds will be issued on ordering Customization products.


Our goal is to provide the customer satisfaction with our product and service. We Take Great Care About Quality, We Try To Use High Quality Raw Material And All Processes Of Manufacturing Until Packing And Sending The Shipments To Our Clients Have To Be Very Carefully Monitored By Our Experienced Team.

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mororcycle leather suit

MOTORCYCLE LEATHER RACING SUITS are one-piece suits or two-piece (jackets and trousers) worn by motorcyclists, mainly for protection in a crash. In most cases, the type of leather used is not fashion leather but protective leather, which is thicker, stronger, and only moderately flexible.

Originally, motorcycle leathers were adapted from tank corps gear immediately following World War.

Men’s Green Motorcucle Leather Racing Suit

Technical Specifications:

  • Made from 100% real cowhide leather
  • 1.2 1.3mm Leather thickness
  • Stretchable Kevlar on Crotch Area
  • CE Approved Protection inside Shoulder,Elbow and Back
  • Leather stretch panel at back and knee for proper riding position
  • Triple stitched with Nylon thread for maximum safety
  • High quality Stretch material used on crotch, back of knee and under arms
  • Titanium Protection on Shoulder 
  • Elasticated Back Panel on Trouser for Flexibility of the Rider
  • Mesh Lining Having Removable Protector Pockets
  • Original YKK zippers on front, knee calf and cuffs and Velcro closure cuffs
  • Soft comfortable neoprene at collar and cuffs
  • Foam padding on elbow and knee to reduce crash impact

Protectors of Motorcycle Leather Racing Suit

Shoulder Protector;

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
It protect shoulder bonne

Elbow Protector;

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
It is knee protector that protect knee bone

Hump on back;

mororcycle leather suit

Knee Slider;

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
It protect Knee & Provide Scure Riding


Add a personal touch to your custom made Men Leather black Jacket with purchase of our add-on service which allows for logos, letters, unique artwork, colors and numbers to be added to specific locations on the product. To add this service to your order, please Click Here


Size charts of Leather Biker Suit are added for user convenience on all clothing except merchandise. Note, there will be no returns/exchange of incorrect sizes after 48 hours for standard and custom products. It is essential that you cross check your measurements carefully before placing an order.

This trending suit is available in 4 different colours.

Impressive UNISEX Red Leather Racing Suit

Unisex White Color Motorcycle Leather Racing SUIT

Ladies Motorcycle Leather Racing Suit

Motorcycle Leather Gloves

A Ride will not perform without racing gloves. When we face an accident, hands are the first body parts that we use in order to save the rest of our body parts. This is why good quality motorcycle gloves, are very important for the safety and the protection of our hands in the event of a crash.

Motorcycle Leather Gloves New Superior Race Wear 5


Motorcycle Leather Gloves Don’t worry about your protection now we keep you safe from dangerous accidents with our special quality leather and CE Approved Armour Gloves. All our Motrox brand gloves have an ageless attitude and modern fit. Perfect for bikers. Customer Satisfaction is our first priority.

Raw Material;

  • 100% real Cowhide Leather
  • CE Approve Armour
  • Personalize Fit
  • Perforated leather cuff
  • Over-molded polymer knuckle protector
  • Pre-shaped, anatomical finger design
  • Velcro cuff closure, plus elasticized wrist design
  • EVA foam padding reinforcements

Motorcycle Leather Racing Boots

Motrox stunning, incredibly comfortable, waterproof adventure boot made from leather and suede perfect for your motorbike adventure. The element of protection comes in the form of a personalized Forma Drytex tubular lining, which is waterproof as well as breathable, so you don’t sweat as you would with lots of cheaper waterproof liners. TPU moulded plastic protectors are in place at the ankle and the shin for impact resistance. A tough touring sole give grip and support, and plastic gear pad protectors and suede leather heat protectors keep the boot safe from the bike as you ride.

Raw Material;

  • Genuine Leather With PU Lamination
  • Lined with Soft Polyester inside
  • Accordion At Front & Back for Easy Movement
  • TPU Hard Protection at Back Heel & Ankle
  • Extra Foam Padding to Provide Robust Comfort
  • Easy To Wear and Use
  • Velcro Closure
  • Lace fitting underneath Velcro closure
  • Perfect Gear Panel and Tread Design
  • Anti Skid Rubber Sole Provides Full Round Protection


Add a personal touch to your custom made leathers with purchase of our add-on service which allows for logos, letters, unique artwork, colors and numbers to be added to specific locations on the product. To add this service to your order, please Click Here. For any other queries.

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Motorcycle clothing Motrox

Halloween is approaching – the best time of the year – and we are all ready for it.The spooky vibe, the knocks on your door for some candies, the experimenting with the costumes to make the perfect one – I can’t wait anymore.

That reminds me –do you guys have your costumes ready for the spooky day? No? Well, don’t you worry…
You are at the right place.

Halloween is just the perfect time when you can unleash your creative side and let it take over you. No judging, no fear, only your creativity.

But we understand it can be stressful coming up with costumes; that’s why we got a list of some of the best (and spine-tingling) Halloween costume ideas that you can slay at your Halloween part.


Halloween sale
Halloween Costume For Bikers Looking Dangerous

everyone loves a good outfit that makes them look hot. And you know which one would be the best for that?
You got that right; A BIKER
Hang up; it doesn’t end there; it is also effortless to create. Triple the benefits.

Wear all black to really get that bad boy look.
Grab your bandana and wear it around your head.
Get a tattoo – temporary or permanent that is your choice.
Get the right hairstyle.And your transformation to a biker is done. Pretty cool, right?


Halloween Costumes
Halloween Costume For Ladies Killer Look

Apart from the scary costumes, you can go for some cute Halloween costume ideas as well.

Get your best friend to dress up with you as the two iconic best friends from Riverdale’s famous show. Everyone will be looking at you as if you guys are the real deal.

You can get aleather jacket if you are going to be Betty. After all, she became a Serpent and started wearing those sexy leather jackets.

And if you are going for Veronica, wear something sassy that she would typically wear, and you are good to go.This is a perfect idea if you have a best friend willing to do this with you.


Halloween Sale
Ladies Red Color Leather Halloween Costume

Not willing to go all yellow? Then you can go all  Red.

Either paint yourself blue or wear a blue shirt with a sleeveless Red dress over it. If you aren’t willing to do the work, then just go to the store and get the Red costume.

If you don’t want to go overboard with the costume, wear a blue shirt with this Red leather jacket, and you will look like a Scaring Man.


Ladies Vempire Look Halloween Costume

Get yourself in the head of this blood-sucking creature.
Vampires are a common yet unique costume that you can go for.
What do you need for it?
Purchase a cape with collars if you don’t have it already.

Don’t have a cape with collars and can’t go out to get it? Get this long coat online
to get a similar look.


Leather Trench Coat
Men’s Vempire Look Halloween Costume

Put it on your regular white collar shirt and black pant.
Put on some vampire fangs (that you can easily find anywhere!)
Apply some intense makeup to make you look like you are dead.

And you will be ready to suck the blood of people – I mean ready to suck all the attention of the people

Now with the costume ideas that we have given you, you are ready to really enjoy the excitement and happiness that Halloween brings with it.

Be creative and create an awesome Halloween-y costume, or you can opt for an idea from the Halloween costume ideas given here.So, go on and show off your creative side to the world.

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Pro-GTX MEN’S Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket

In developing the Pro-GTX MEN’S Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket MOTROX has taken the Engineered Skin design philosophy to the next level. Based on feedback from off-road veterans and travelers they have created the most functional jacket in the history of MOTROX. This jacket knows no limitations and is positioned just above the Poseidon GTX jacket.

The PRO-GTX Jacket is prepared for the Adventure Neck Brace, Waterproof Jacket insert and is equipped with a kidney belt, Air vent aqua-defense and the brand new CE protectors. The sheer storage space alone is incredible, and an indication that this jacket is ready for adventure.

Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket
Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket

The sheer storage space alone is incredible, and an indication that this jacket is ready for adventure.

EXTRA PROTECTION Jacket has 3 types’ removable inner linings:

Joint Mesh

Waterproof lining

The third one is Quilt lining

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Water Proof Lining That Can Be Used Seperatly

Protection Features Of Pro GTX Jacket

Outer shell;

3L GORE-TEX Pro nylon 600D fabric

3L GORE-TEX Pro Armacor fabric

3L GORE-TEX Pro Talisman

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Strech Panel of Textile Motorcycle Thrilling Jacket

Neoprene at Collar

Waterproofing: 3L GORE-TEX PRO fabric

Breath-ability: 3L GORE-TEX PRO fabric

Composition of Pro GTX Jacket

Outer shell: 71% poly-amide, 1% polyester, 1% aramide, 21% Gore-Tex membrane (ePTFE), 6% epoxy resin

Lining: 71% polyester, 28% poly-amide, 1% elastic


CE protection at shoulders and elbows

CE Soft Plate back protector insert

GORE-TEX Pro Talisman panels at shoulders and elbows, safety seams

Extra Eva Sheet Padding on front (8 Abs Panels)

2 Large Eva Sheet Panels on Back

Knee Slider

Visibility: Reflection at front, back and Under arms


Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Adjustment Strap On cuffs,Arm & Muscles
Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Adjustable Strap at Waist

Ventilation ;

Air-vent Aqua defense, AIR-VENT zipper at front, back, upper arms and under arms. AIR-VENT Aqua defense

Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Air Vent System
Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Extra Hard Knee Protectors
Motorcycle clothing Motrox
Inner Screte Ziper Pocket

We brings classic designs which have been in fashion for many years continuously; made from top Cowhide, Sheep, Goat and Customer Demand leather, styles have added new features to all classic designs to give them that modern twist whilst savoring there vintage beauty.

With crossed padded designing on the elbows, shoulders and back, front zip closure and a studded collar which can be worn up or fastened down (For Some Styles).
The Products also has double polyester lining; one which is removable and the other attached (For Some Styles).

Also has a large variety in Fashion and Motorbike Jackets, Motorbike Suits, Motorbike Gloves, Motorbike Boots, Kevlar Jeans, Wallets, Belts, Vests, Club Wears, Textile Motorcycle Jacket, textile wears i.e water proof trousers, jackets, hoodies etc.

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leather jacket

how to protect a leather jacket a brief & important guid for people who wear leather.

“And look at the boys in leather jackets. Second-skin, not fade away. Danger girls love leather jackets. Playback to back, and that’ll be the day

Leather jackets that’ll be the day.”

A leather jacket is an investment fashion piece that you can wear over and over for years to come. Ever since it first entered the fashion industry in the early 1900s, the leather jacket has been one of the world’s most favorite things to wear.

When you are buying a leather jacket, you know that you will be using it for decades, rocking it with a variety of different outfits, and managing to look stunning in everything you pair it with. Such versatility of a garment makes it a safe piece to invest in, as you know that you will be getting the full value of your leather jacket by wearing it all the time.

But over time and with extensive use, a leather jacket may lose its original shine and splendor. As it gathers dust, dirt, and grime, it might start looking more and more unsightly – not giving off quite the same dapper look that it did which made you fall in love with it at first sight on the clothing rack

Unless you have gotten your leather jacket from the online store at MOTROX LTD, the chances are that the purchase left a considerable dent on your bank account. For something that you have paid such good money for, you certainly cannot afford to see it losing its characteristic glow. This is why you need to learn the rights ways as to how to protect a leather jacket.

Taking proper care of your favorite leather jacket can extend its natural life by years, while also making sure that it looks brand new every time you need to dress to impress. In this blog, we will discuss how to take care of the different varieties of leather jacket.


 Leather Jacket
Men Motorcycle Leather Jacket Fantastic Style

When you are using your leather jacket to protect you as you race your motorcycle on the highway, you are bound to get your leather jacket more than a little dusty. For a motorcycle jacket, you are not merely just concerned about how it looks, but also on the performance. If you do not know how to protect a leather jacket adequately, your motorcycle jacket is not far from losing its functionality along with the aesthetic appeal.

If the leather of your jacket starts drying up and cracks, it will not be able to protect you to its full potential in the unfortunate event of a crash.

To prevent this from happening, you must make sure that you are using the right cleaning products for the outside layer – the part of the jacket you will be most invested in saving. It is important to remember that cleaners that contain silicones and waxes can cause the leather to dry out.


Motorcycle Leather Jacket
Men Studs & Spikes Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Now let’s move on to a much more delicate style of a leather jacket – a heavily embellished, studded, punk rock leather jacket like the one above which is available at MOTROX LTD. A fancy jacket like this is more difficult to clean if you want to preserve the shine of the characteristic studs as well as the sheen of the leather itself.

Fortunately, all studded jackets at MOTOX LTD are manufactured using only the best quality metals, so you do not have to worry about the studs getting rusted. You can easily clean studded Leather Skin Shop leather jackets just like you would clean any plain leather jacket.


Men Leather Jacket
Men Motorcycle Leather Jacket Inspiring Style

But with the rocker chic look, this jacket affords you; you will never want to take it off. Wearing your jacket for long hours at a time will unmistakably result in you sweating into the inside lining. This sweat can not only make your jacket smell funky, but it can also damage the beautiful material of your leather jacket. For this, you can use three methods.

The first way to tackle this problem is by removing the inside lining of the jacket and throwing it in the wash – pretty standard stuff.  However, if your lining is attached to the jacket, there are two more ways to how to protect a leather jacket from sweat and odor.

For a quick fix, just turn your garment inside out and spray a little Febreze over it for a jacket that smells fresh and crisp. If this still does not solve the problem, then we recommend going in with a de-salter and spraying generously all over the inside lining of your leather jacket.


Biker Leather Jacket
Biker Leather Jacket Inspiring Dominate Color

Last but not least, we will discuss how to preserve the fresh color of the jacket when attempting to clean it. For this, there are a couple of rules you must know before you get started with the cleaning.

Number one: using cleaning products which have animal oils can cause your gorgeous leather jacket to discolor. Steer clear of all such cleaners and conditioners.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the technique you are employing when cleaning the jacket. Make sure that you are using a piece of soft cotton cloth to rub out any stains, dirt, or grime off of your jacket. When using the product, make a point of applying cleaner to the cotton rag and then cleaning the jacket with it rather than applying it directly to the jacket.


It is our mission to place the right product, to the right customer, at the right place, at the right price and on the right time. To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide incomparable customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.Biker Leather Jacket


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Getting the balance right between warmth and feel on your winter motorcycle gloves can be hard to perfect. To help you make the best choice for your ride, we’ve picked our best autumn / winter gloves from our 2020 winter line up!

Leather Biker Gloves Crushing Men Winter Wear 4.0

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

The Leather Biker Gloves Crushing Men Winter Wear 4.0 is the perfect mid-season glove (stretching into the colder months) for some spirited urban riding. On top of the fact that the Motrox is a classy looking bit of kit, it’s got a lot going for it. The outer layer is constructed from premium goatskin, making for a sturdy yet very supple glove. An Ergodry waterproof membrane has been heat-bonded to the leather to keep you dry no matter what the weather throws at you. There is an Ergoflex knuckle protector to absorb impact and a soft liner to keep you comfortable. Talking about comfort: the fit of the Biker glove is spot on!

  • Premium goatskin leather glove
  • Bonded Ergo-dry waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Ergo-flex hidden knuckle protector
  • Velcro wrist tab
  • Soft comfort liner
  • Touch screen compatible index finger
  • CE approved

Click HERE to find out more

Leather Biker Gloves New champ Men Winter Wear 2.0

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

The Motrox Leather Biker Gloves is a premium goatskin leather Men’s winter glove. It is the perfect mid-season glove (stretching into the colder months) that will protect you from both the elements and the road while still giving you plenty of feel for the controls of your bike. The outer layer is a beautiful goat hide, sturdy yet flexible. It is backed up by a Polymax waterproof and breathable membrane. The fiberfill insulation is soft and warm without making the glove too bulky.

  • Premium black goatskin leather glove
  • Polymax waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Velcro wrist tab
  • Soft and insulating fiberfill liner
  • CE approved

Click HERE to find out more

Men Leather Gloves Inspiring Biker Racing Wear 3.0

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

The Motrox Antibes gloves are one of the lightest feeling summer gloves in our range. Despite this, they fare extremely well in terms of protection.Leather Gloves Women.

Motrox are masters at quality leather craftmanship and the road gloves feature genuine leather as well as some useful features like the touch screen fabrics on the tips of the index finger and the thumbs for use with GPS or a Smartphone. Full grain goat skin leather, drum dyed with a water resistant treatment to the finish Motrox PWR shield abrasion resistant fabric reinforcement at the palm.

  • Goat skin drum dyed leather
  • PWR shield beneath leather outer layer
  • Touchscreen finger fabric
  • City fit
  • Adjustable cuff strap

Click HERE to find out more

Women Leather Gloves Incredible Biker Racing Wear 3

Motorcycle clothing Motrox

The Monster glove returns to the Urban range for this riding season featuring improved features and fit.  This glove is a tried and tested best seller.  The gloves are a mid weight goat skin leather making them ideal for spring summer riding.

The index finger offers a panel that will work with touchscreen phones or GPS.  The fleece liner adds extra comfort and means these will also be suitable on slightly colder days out riding.

The knuckle protectors are covered with the same goatskin finish to maintain the styling.  The palm features extra layers for added abrasion resistance where you might need it most.  A great glove.

  • Drum dyed goat skin leather
  • Reinforced abs injection moulded knuckle protectors
  • Double layered leather on palms for added abrasion resistance
  • Touch screen panel on index finger
  • PWR abrasion shield layer under leather outer
  • Adjustment wrist strap

Click HERE to find out more

Ladies Motorcycle Gloves Genius Fashionab1e Leather


The Motrox glove offers full grain leather protection throughout with a sharp contrast colour fabric on the inside of the palm.  The glove is a mid length riding glove suitable for all but the hottest and coldest riding weather.

  • Quilted detailed leather glove with great fit
  • Top Grain cowhide leather construction
  • Reinforced double layers in key protective areas
  • Lined with moisture wicking brushed poly tricot
  • Comfort riding fit, with pre-curved grip
  • VELCRO® brand tab close
  • Custom RSD embossed branding

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