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motorbike gear, which is why we’ve spent the time developing this range.

You can buy one piece motorcycle suit, two piece motorcycle suit and separate motorcycle jackets and trousers from our range that also zip together. We also offer motorcycle suits in a selection of fabrics. Choose textile motorcycle suits or traditional leather motorcycle suits according to your desire while shopping at Motrox.

Motrox collection of motorcycle suits covers different designs, colours and rider styles. So if you’re a commuter, touring rider or sports enthusiast, you can find a great addition to your motorbike clothing in our store.

Motrox range of motorcycle suits contain all the essential features you would need. Some of the features include:
• Built in body armour – including armour for the knees, back, hips and elbows
• Ventilation – perforated for breathability (Ventilated motorcycle suits)
• Sliders – armour that is designed to actually touch the tarmac/road and slide!
Not only do they have all these great features, you can order a customized motorbike suit. Yes, you read it correctly.
We can add names, numbers, signs, colors, design and fit in our all motorcycle customized suits.