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This Black Friday 2021 at Motrox is going to be legendary.

At Motrox , your fashion store, we are so excited about the arrival of Black Friday 2021 that we have prepared great discounts on women’s and men’s footwear, clothing and backpacks that you will not want to miss to always be comfortable, modern and fashionable.

This is the best opportunity to satisfy that impulse of a maxi skirt that combines perfectly with leather boots, that black blazer or jacket that will make you look so elegant for formal occasions or your favorite colored tracksuit to go for a walk in the park or to the gym.

So you can choose with all the time you need, with your family or alone, and check out the huge discounts on jackets, trainers and pants that we have for you, we have decided to extend Black Friday throughout the week, this means that it starts from Friday, November 19 so that you have no excuse to update all the clothes in your wardrobe and that of your family. But we will not do this alone. The top brands from our store accompany us in this celebration.

What is Black Friday?

The Black Friday is known as the day that thousands of shops in many countries around the world (originally US) lower their prices for millions of customers can buy everything they want at great prices and be ready for Christmas with great gifts. Do you know what you want to buy this Black Friday? Find in Motrox everything you need!

When is Black Friday?

The next Black Friday takes place on November 26. At Motrox we extend it until Cyber ​​Monday . It will start from Friday, November 19 to Monday, November 29.

Take advantage of the Black Friday super discounts on our wide variety of products that we have prepared at Motrox so that you let yourself be carried away by the desire to buy what you need most to complete and achieve your goals in your favorite sport.

Take advantage of the incredible Black Friday Deals and get ready for Christmas, buying your partner, son, niece or nephew, parents or friends whatever they want, perhaps to help them achieve their goals.

History of Black Friday

There are several theories that describe the true origins of Black Friday. One of them says that the phrase Black Friday was used for the first time on September 24, 1869, due to the financial collapse caused by Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, who bankrupted hundreds of companies on Wall Street.

A century later, the city of Philadelphia blocked traffic with Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving, with the term referring to the chaos in the city. This is the story that perhaps most closely resembles the current spirit of Black Friday. The New York Times created the term in 1975 to describe the same scenario triggered by sales in New York after Thanksgiving.

Therefore, there is no exact date for when Black Friday began , but the tradition has continued for more than 50 years in the United States, and many countries around the world have also adopted the date to attract customers and increase sales. In Spain, it was Apple who started these sales in 2010, but since 2012 hundreds of physical and virtual stores have also joined this celebration. In we participate in this celebration with a lot of incredible offers.

Cyber ​​Monday 2021

According to legend, there cannot be a good Black Friday without Cyber ​​Monday. And if you didn’t think a whole week was enough, Cyber ​​Monday also comes with its incredible discounts, just in case you need to make up for lost time. The origin of Cyber ​​Monday dates back to 2005 in the United States, when virtual or e-commerce stores wanted to boost Internet sales with impressive discounts. The Cyber Monday 2021 will be held on November 29 , so you can browse through and find the best deals.

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Black Friday 2021 is on its way! Pay attention!

All you need to know

Curious about Black Friday and want answers? Do not look any further. Here we have all the answers to your burning questions about the biggest sales of the year. Beat your Black Friday 2020 shopping score and get discounts on men’s clothing here.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day of the year when most stores offer spectacular discounts. On this magical day, you can find the best Black Friday promotions and offers. And here at Motrox , you can find many. In our Black Friday clothing sales you can find the best and most current in men’s t-shirts, jeans , jackets, coats and shoes Motrox has all the latest styles and hottest trends. And the best thing about these Black Friday deals is that you can go crazy and update your entire wardrobe.

What is the origin of Black Friday?

Black Friday originates from the United States. Some sources indicate that the first Black Friday sales were in Philadelphia. In the United States, it became the first official day of the holiday shopping season. This day of sales was quickly established in the rest of the United States and Canada, before being adopted in many other parts of the world as the most important shopping day of the year.

What day is Black Friday?

Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving that is celebrated in the United States or, in other words, the fourth Friday of the month of November. Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated in every country, Black Friday is celebrated on the same day around the world. So plan your day with this in mind and make sure you’re ready to shop until sold out, because these deals are spectacular. You’ll find this year’s Black Friday campaign launch offers and many more. At Motrox, both online and in stores, we offer you incredible discounts on the latest menswear trends. Join our Customer Club to stay informed about when the Black Friday sales start and what discounts you can find on selected items.

Where to go?

To find all the Motrox Black Friday sales, visit us both online and in our physical stores. You can use our store locator to find the closest store in 187 Roker Ave, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland SR6 0BS, United Kingdom . Make sure to go first thing in the morning to get the best items before everyone else. You can get a lot of premium items for very little. For example, you have discounts on men’s coats and jackets. Or maybe you want to get a beautiful leather jacket . Find your favorite clothes right here, in the Motrox Black Friday sale.

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How did the term “Black Friday” come about?

Some attribute the name to the fact that on this day begins the time when businesses manage to change the red numbers for black ones. However, some historians claim that the term “Black Friday” originated in Philadelphia in the mid-20th century.

Since, in this city of the United States this term was used to describe the dense traffic of people and vehicles that packed the streets the day after Thanksgiving.

Philadelphia police officers, charged with controlling traffic, around 1961, began calling it “Black Friday.” The term became popular in 1966, and spread to the rest of the states as of 1975.

In November 1975 The New York Times used this term for the first time, alluding to the road chaos and the disaster that had occurred that year in the city due to the large discounts.

“Black Friday” became a national landmark in the United States until the 1990s.
However, it is increasingly common for “Black Friday” to last until Monday. Date in which another day of sales known as “Cyber Monday” is celebrated.

DO NOT MISS: must-see shopping centers Motrox , who is located at  187 Roker Ave, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland SR6 0BS, United Kingdom for this Black Friday 2021