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Moto GP Racing Legendary 1 Piece Leather Suit

Moto GP Racing Legendary 1 Piece Leather Suit

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Moto GP Racing Legendary 1-Piece Leather Suit

The MOTROX Moto GP Racing One-Piece Leather Suit is constructed of race-quality full grain Cowhide leather, Aramide knit, and polyurethane with a silk screen printed design. This race suit also features Motrox Impact Protection Sliders (MIPS) on the shoulders, elbows, and knees and CE protection on the collar bone, side rib, and side hips. The comfort features of the Moto GP Racing suit are top-notch, with a vented leather flex panel in four key areas, and a neoprene cuff, The GP-Max Leather Suit also showcases Motrox Racing Active Design (M.R.A.D.) with a neck hump and air channels.

For sizing assistance, please call +44 191 580 5878 to speak to one of our fitment specialists.

Moto GP Racing Suit Technical Features:


  • Race quality full grain Cowhide Leather
  • Aramide knit
  • Polyurethane
  • Silk screen printed design


  • M-AIR - Motrox Advanced Intake Receiver
  • R.A.D. - Motrox Racing Active Design
  • Neck Hump with air channel
  • Motrox Impact Protection system Knee Slider


  • Air-tech vented leather
  • Neoprene on cuff
  • Removable inner liner

Leather flex panel (vented Leather) in the following areas:

  • Waist
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Back of shoulders


  • CE-approved protectors in the following areas:
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • CE Protection in the following areas:
    • Collar bone
    • Front and side rib
    • Side hip

Instructions & Certificates

The proper fitting is the user's responsibility. The Moto GP Racing Suit should fit snugly but not too tightly: no discomfort should be caused by the clothing when taking your normal riding position, and you must be able to reach the controls easily.

To determine the exact size correctly, measure close to the body. The meter should not be tight. When measuring, it’s recommended to wear only lightweight, fitted clothing and stand in a loose but upright position. To make the measurement more accurate, ask for assistance from another person.

If the measured values are between different sizes - always choose a larger size.


Water-repellent leather

The Moto GP Racing Suit leather on this suit is water-repellent thanks to special treatment.


The AIR products guarantee appropriate ventilation thanks to extended net inserts or breathable perforated leather of deferential weaves, further than the several perforated inserts in the zones where transferring outside the body heat is needed.


The seams reinforced with heavy-duty yarns add durability to most abrasion and tension-stressed parts
of the garment.


Special construction technology implies the use of panels of innovative Elastomer combined in weaving
with polyamide yarns with high tenacity (x-stretch fabric) to guarantee optimal comfort and t thanks to
the dimensional elasticity. In the Moto GP Racing, the x-stretch fabric is coupled with a leather panel, which, thanks to special gusset seams, stretches lengthwise and in width, allowing the rider agile and comfortable movements.

Elastic panels

Accordion leather elastic panels for comfortable movement and riding.


Replaceable knee sliders for a track with strong Velcro.

CUSTOMIZATION: Add a personal touch to your custom-made Moto GP Racing Suit with the purchase of our add-on service which allows for logos, letters, unique artwork, colors and numbers to be added to specific locations on the product. To add this service to your order, please Click Here

  • Custom-made Products

No exchange or refunds will be issued on ordering Customization products.

  • Sizing: Moto GP Racing Suit is added for user convenience. Note, there will be no returns/exchanges of incorrect sizes after 48 hours for standard and custom products. It is essential that you cross-check your measurements carefully before placing an order.


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