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Motorcycle Race Gloves Crushing STR 2.0

Motorcycle Race Gloves Crushing STR 2.0

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Motorcycle Race Gloves Crushing STR 2.0

Motorcycle Race Gloves

The STR-2 is a sport and urban glove. Crafted from soft, goatskin leather, it is equipped with pre-curved finger construction and numerous elastic panels on the palm and fingers which allow adapting for hand mobility while steering the motorcycle. To meet safety requirements, the STR-2 model features the main knuckle protector reinforced with carbon fiber and special panels situated in areas most vulnerable to injuries.

The fingers were secured by soft protectors and hard shell finger sliders. On the side and inside a glove, there is an additional-reinforced layer of leather, while the front palm is even more supported by SAP™ palm slider and foamed panel. In order to eliminate the slightest pressure on the fingers, STR-2 is detailed with external seams there.

The V-Lock™ hook and foam padded cuffs are just extras for your comfort and safety. All these features ensure a high standard of protection for sports riders. Offered in FOUR different colors, giving good options for those who like to match with their ride. Equip Motorcycle Race Gloves with our STR 2 RACING SUIT.

Outer Shell:

  • 68% Natural Leather
  • 32% PU Leather
  • Lining:
  • 100% Polyester


  • Carbon Reinforced Knuckle Protector
  • Hard TPU Finger Sliders
  • Armor Plus Foam Absorbers
  • Material Reinforcement On The Side Of Glove
  • Sap™ Palm Slider
  • V-Lock™ Fastening


  • Perforated Leather
  • Perforation Between Fingers


  • Elastic Panels On Palm And Fingers
  • Elasticated Thumb
  • External Seams On Fingers
  • Pre-Curved Fingers
  • Leather Grip Patch


  • Touch Tip™ Panel
  • Horizontal Tabs

The Motorcycle Race Gloves must fit properly, but must not ex­ert pressure. With leather gloves, we advise a tighter fit because leather stretches after only a short period, following which it adjusts excellently to the hand. Winter gloves must be a little looser so that air can circulate through the insulation, thereby improving the way your hands are kept warm.

Proper care and cleaning ensure a long lifetime for your gloves. We recommend following the instructions below to keep your favorite products in good condition as long as possible:

Instructions For Motorcycle Race Gloves:

  • To ensure the best possible protection and comfort while wearing the gloves, it is necessary to choose the right size.
  • Gloves should not be exposed to sunlight for lengthy periods.
  • Gloves should not be exposed to high or low temperatures.
  • Do not use solvents or toxic substances to clean the gloves.
  • The gloves must never be modified or altered; this would detract from their protective effect.
  • Gloves should be used only for the purpose for which they are intended.
  • Damaged gloves must not be used, and must be replaced.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the gloves.
  • The gloves may take some time to dry at normal ambient temperature, and under no circumstances must they be dried near heat sources (radiators, stoves, etc.); they must not be placed in direct sun­light.
  • For stubborn stains, you may also use mild soap or special leather soap, or fabric cleaners.
  • Leather gloves must be treated regularly with leather condi­tioning oil or grease.
  • Gloves must be inspected regularly for wear and damage.
  • Gloves must be completely dry before storage, and they must be kept in a dry and well-ventilated location.


Add a personal touch to your custom-made Motorcycle Race Gloves with the purchase of our add-on service which allows for logos, letters, unique artwork, colors and numbers to be added to specific locations on the product. To add this service to your order, please Click Here

  • Custom-made Products: No exchange or refunds will be issued on ordering Customization products.
  • Sizing: Size charts are added for user convenience on all clothing except merchandise. Note, there will be no returns/exchange of incorrect sizes after 48 hours for standard and custom products. It is essential that you cross-check your measurements carefully before placing an order.
  • General Information: we care very much about your experience and satisfaction. While we make every effort to provide you with the right product, we understand that certain circumstances may require returns or exchanges. If you need to return or exchange an item based on the guidelines.


We bring classic designs which have been in fashion for many years continuously; made from top Cowhide, Sheep, Goat, and Customer Demand leather, styles have added new features to all classic designs to give them that modern twist whilst savoring their vintage beauty. Motorcycle Race Gloves

With crossed padded design on the elbows, shoulders, and back, front zip closure, and a studded collar that can be worn up or fastened down (For Some Styles).
The Product also has double polyester lining; one of which is removable and the other attached (For Some Styles).

Also has a large variety of Fashion and Motorbike Jackets, Motorbike Suits, Motorcycle Race Gloves, Motorbike Boots, Kevlar Jeans, Wallets, Belts, Vests, clubs Wears, textile wears i.e. waterproof trousers, jackets, hoodies, etc.


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